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Hospital purchasing data: Predictive of medtech company returns?

We outline how hospital purchase order data can be used by investors to track medical device companies using three case studies provided by a Neudata-listed alternative data provider. Specifically, we look at how purchase order data could provide value for investors across three medical device companies: Penumbra (PEN), Intersect ENT (XENT), and Zimmer Biomet (ZBH). We also share our views on the comparative advantages and disadvantages of different providers offering this type of data.

Neudata Intelligence

Alternative data for macroeconomic indicators (Part 2/2)

Inflation in Argentina reached 31% in July of this year, having a devastating impact on the peso and leading the central bank to raise rates to a record 60%. Can alternative data sources provide economic insights into a country’s level of price stability, currency value and central bank sentiment? In the second of our two-part series, we evaluate such sources by listing examples of providers that offer more timely data or predictive analytics in unemployment, wages, inflation, interest rates, the real estate market, industrial activity and GDP.

Neudata Intelligence

UK House Prices: Creating a better index using alt data

House Price Indices are one of the most closely observed economic indicators in the world, especially since the global recession in 2008. However, various government and private organisations rely on proprietary and/or public datasets to produce their own interpretation of an HPI. We evaluate some of the leading HPIs in the UK (construction methods, outcomes, advantages, and disadvantages) and highlight relevant alternative data sources for readers interested in constructing a more appropriate HPI for their needs.