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Net Promoter Scores: Revisited

It has been nearly six months since we last discussed Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in one of our Intelligence reports - our report initially made the case against NPS. Despite refuting the controversial customer loyalty metric as a leading financial indicator, we at Neudata still continue to receive interest from a significant number of institutional investors for NPS datasets. In response, we revisit the topic and discuss a 2018 academic paper that investigated whether NPS could be predictive of consumer spending and company revenue.

Neudata Intelligence

Using alternative data to measure intangible assets

Investors may want to pay more attention to intangible assets. As a percentage of total assets on S&P 500 constituents’ balance sheets, intangibles have risen from 17% in 1975 to over 84% today. Many datasets that measure intangibles are relatively unknown and under-utilized – perhaps offering a degree of edge to some investors. In this report we outline where to find alternative data sources that measure 3 types of intangibles: 1) brand value, 2) human capital and 3) intellectual property.

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Neudata Launches Alternative Data Selection Tool

Neudata, the global alternative data evaluation company, is delighted to announce the launch of a dataset selection tool, an innovative comparison tool to help clients navigate the rapidly growing universe of datasets in the most efficient way.

Neudata clients will be able to compare sets of data across a range of metrics, helping them determine which is most relevant to their individual investment strategy.

Neudata Intelligence

Litigation Data as a Predictor of Financial Returns

Last week saw the conclusion of Apple and Qualcomm’s much talked about royalties and patent lawsuit. While Qualcomm observed a 23% stock price surge following the lawsuit win, Apple, interestingly, managed to observe a stable stock price despite their loss. In this Intelligence piece, we summarize a 2018 academic paper that investigates the relationship between litigation and stock returns. Specifically, the paper examines whether portfolios consisting of public companies involved in lawsuits could observe positive returns, despite its negative perception.

Neudata Intelligence

Alternative Data for Healthcare Investors (Part II): Predicting Clinical Trial Outcomes

Drug development pipelines are the foundation on which pharma and biotech companies build their future success. Consequently, share price volatility is commonplace around the announcement of clinical trial results. In this report, we expand on our previous work - Using Alt Data to Evaluate Pharma Pipelines – by exploring a) the impact of clinical trial outcomes on the market value of pharma and biotech companies and b) predictive factors that could be used to estimate clinical trial outcomes.

Neudata Intelligence

5G rollout: Identifying the winners and losers using alt data

2019 marks the start of the next generation of communication: 5G. While the US and China rollout the technology using existing 4G networks and infrastructure, we look forward to 2025 - when 5G is expected to be operating without any reliance on its predecessor. In this Intelligence report, we use alternative data to try to answer 1) which telco operators are likely to dominate the market six years from now, and 2) how much they stand to earn with their innovations.