Quickly level up your data scouting efforts for client projects

Discover data for your clients

Quickly find the right dataset for your project, even under tight time constraints

Avoid buying the wrong dataset

Discover data for internal use

Develop brand-new products based on unique datasets

Save time and money when scouting data

Identify new client opportunities

Trusted by tier-one consulting firms and members of the big four advisory groups

“PwC’s UK Deals Analytics team is increasingly incorporating external data sources on behalf of its private equity, hedge fund and corporate clients, in order to add new insight within the diligence process. Neudata has been selected to provide its independent research on thousands of global data sources and ensure that PwC quickly finds the best data sources for its client projects.”

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Teams we work with

Deal analytics
Consulting/Advisory services
Central data/Data strategy
Data procurement and compliance
Customer intelligence

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