The Signal: Delays on Santa’s sleigh?

Saima Jannath, Vendor Engagement Associate (London)

Neudata Signal
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Welcome to The Signal – a column from Neudata that curates the latest, interesting data vendor research on market trends. Each link below highlights a research study or report released by a data provider, in which they analyse their own data in conjunction with this month's relevant market headlines.

In our November edition, we highlight how supply-chain disruptions may cause consumer spending trends to shift this winter, analyse how the “Great Resignation” is impacting US hiring activity, and show how institutional investors are thinking about ESG integrations.

Elf on an empty shelf: Product shortages & holiday shopping
With supply chain interruptions and expected retail goods shortages looming, consumers are shopping for the holiday season a lot earlier than usual. An October survey from Numerator reported that 55% of shoppers were already buying their Christmas gifts, a new behaviour that could even out the sales spike that many retailers typically see in late November/December.
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Global logistics crisis update: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
In November, Datamyne observed that the estimated delay for a vessel entering the LA port was 14.5 days, down slightly from 15.3 days in August. The logistics industry has noted that it expects its business to remain at max capacity through 2021 and into 2022, as consumers with disposable income spend their money on “stuff” rather than experiences.
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Economic indicators report
LinkUP published a report that showed positive signs for the US job market, but also revealed an economy grappling with the lingering effects of the pandemic. The number of active job listings increased by 11.45% in Q3, while 54% of urban areas decreased their job market diversification.
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Where is the “Great Resignation” driving spending?
With a record number of employees leaving their jobs, some are starting their own businesses. Consumer Edge examined the spending habits of new business owners across the US, finding that new business owners are using their credit cards to buy commercial hardline goods, health products and services, luxury goods and education.  
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Investor activism and use of ESG ratings are set to rise
SigTech surveyed investment firms globally with a collected AUM of $935bn, finding that nearly one-in-three institutional investors and pension funds plan to up their usage of ESG ratings agencies over the next few years.
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