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UK House Prices: Creating a better index using alt data

House Price Indices are one of the most closely observed economic indicators in the world, especially since the global recession in 2008. However, various government and private organisations rely on proprietary and/or public datasets to produce their own interpretation of an HPI. We evaluate some of the leading HPIs in the UK (construction methods, outcomes, advantages, and disadvantages) and highlight relevant alternative data sources for readers interested in constructing a more appropriate HPI for their needs.

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6 Organizations That Are Using Alternative Data

"Today, alternative data is mainly used by hedge funds to shape their investments. But why can’t organizations themselves use this data to shape their own future? ... According to Neudata, one of today’s alternative data trends is phone location tracking."

View our video on the most popular trends in alternative data here

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The Eye-Opening New World of Alternative Investor Data

"It’s no wonder spending on alternative data is poised to grow. Research firm Tabb Group expected the market for alternative data to reach $400 million by 2021, and Daryl Smith, CFA, Director of Research at alternative data firm Neudata wrote in February, "We believe that, much like 2017, 2018 will be a period of substantial growth in alternative data adoption among investment managers."

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Reading the Signals: What Does a Company’s ‘Body Language’ Tell Investors?

"Another example of non-verbal communication is a company’s activities around safeguarding intellectual property, such as trademarks, says Daryl Smith, director of research at London-based alternative data advisory firm Neudata. According to Neudata’s research, intangible assets such as IP have risen from representing 20 percent of a company’s value 40 years ago to 85 percent today. Trademarks protect that value, but because they must be legally registered, they represent a public source of data about a company’s potential revenues and strategic plans."