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Back to basics: Latin America and alt data (Part 1/2)

Considered by many to be a land of political and economic extremes, Latin America has long been one of the world’s most challenging regions in which to do business. In this report, we discuss a) five key drivers of the Latin American economy – both on a macro and stock-specific level, and b) relevant alternative datasets, local and foreign, for investors with Latin American market exposure.

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COVID-19: identifying financial distress through alt data

As we officially head into the second month of living in a global pandemic, the key question on most investors’ minds remains the same today as it was back in March: which companies will remain resilient during this time of adversity, and which companies will crumble under the pressure? In this report, we discuss a variety of datasets that we believe help indicate corporate health and, in turn, financial distress.

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COVID-19: Alternative datasets for the auto industry

As the coronavirus pandemic hits the auto industry hard, investors need to find ways to weather the storm. In this Intelligence report, we explore different types of alternative datasets that can help investors evaluate auto companies and OEMs. We will discuss a variety of datasets, ranging from clickstream datasets that can gauge consumer demand, to crowdsourced and economic datasets that can shed light on auto production, inventory, and sales.