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Back to basics: alt data for real estate investors

It is no secret that the current alternative data market heavily services public equity investors. Of course, these are some of the biggest alt data spenders, so such preferential treatment isn’t surprising. However, this bias leads us to believe that non-equity investors may assume that alt data isn’t relevant to their strategies. Unsurprisingly, we believe otherwise. In this report we take a look at the alternative data options for real estate investors. Specifically, we address 1) issues with using traditional datasets and 2) which alternative datasets could help provide more accurate KPIs.

Neudata Intelligence

We need to talk about Retail Investors

The role of retail investors in the financial markets cannot be understated or underappreciated. In the following Intelligence report, we demonstrate how retail investor activity, sentiment, and attention can be a proxy for institutional investors to gauge future asset prices, stock liquidity, market returns, and market efficiency. The report will also go on to discuss several alternative datasets on retail investors that may be used by readers in creating such a leading indicator.