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Measuring economic activity in times of uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, indicators that measure economic activity and sentiment can commonly diverge, and the financial behaviours of businesses and consumers can be inconsistent with their economic expectations. In this report, we explore alternative data sources that we believe give a clearer picture of macroeconomic outcomes. We illustrate these examples in the context of Brexit and the global financial crisis – which highlight the difference that financial uncertainty and political uncertainty have on the macroeconomy.

Neudata Intelligence

Alt data for live streaming and short video platforms in China

Anyone interested in the global live streaming industry must study the China market, which is enormous in terms of both users and demographics. Chinese streaming companies occupy a leading position with regards to new streaming technology, gamification, monetization methods, and product design. In the following report, we provide an introduction to the market itself, as well as how investors can leverage alternative data to analyse the revenue and performance of different categories of live streaming and short video platforms.