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Alternative data solutions for governance insights

The growth of alt data is ever-increasing the availability of sources that offer unconventional ways to assess company governance quality. Many of these datasets offer an outside perspective of governance practices by sourcing data points outside of self-reported information. We summarize the availability of datasets that offer insights into ownership structures, leadership quality, shareholder sentiment, governance risks and even psychometric profiles of senior management teams.

Neudata Intelligence

An Alternative Data Primer For Airline Investors

It would be fair to say that airlines have had a turbulent 2019. The surge in bankruptcies – affecting Thomas Cook, WOW air, and flybmi – and the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX have had widespread repercussions. At the same time, certain events can also provide profit-making opportunities. In this report, we summarise how airline investors may utilise alternative data to gain value-additive insights and, in doing so, help manage risk in these turbulent times.