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Generating Alpha from Pharmaceutical Events using ML & NLP

The stock market reaction to a single pharmaceutical event, such as a drug approval, repositioning, or adverse event, can have a spillover effect. Beyond the effect on the associated company’s stock price, an event may trigger a latent movement in the stock price of other publicly traded pharmaceutical companies. Research suggests that these sympathetic price movements may be a result of common attributes shared by the companies (beyond economic fundamentals), which are embedded in human language. In this piece, we explore how investors could leverage NLP to detect these ‘hidden relationships’ and generate alpha from pharmaceutical stocks.

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Open Banking and Alternative Data

September 14th was an important milestone in the march towards Open Banking. It marked the original deadline for implementation of PSD2 or ‘the second Payment Services Directive.’ If you don’t know what that is, and you are currently purchasing (or thinking of purchasing) European consumer transactional data – you may want to read on. In this report, we introduce the ubiquitous, yet often poorly understood, FinTech phenomenon of Open Banking, and consider the implications of these regulations on both buyers and sellers of alternative data.

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Alternative Data for Healthcare Investors (Part IV): Claims vs EHRs

In the following Intelligence piece, we explore healthcare claims and electronic health records (EHRs) as alternative data sources for investors. Healthcare claims and EHRs can offer valuable insights into drug/medical device prescribing and utilisation trends. This information has clear applications for investors in pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device/equipment companies as well as companies responsible for paying healthcare claims such as managed care organisations or other health insurers.

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Exposing Accounting Scandals In China Using Alt Data

Accounting scandals can lead to crippling losses for the uninformed investor - from the Enron and Worldcom scandals to the more recent fraudulent activity of Kangde Xin and Kangmei in China. This article considers the ever-increasing influence of Chinese capital markets, company-level risk factors for financial misreporting, as well as how investors can use alternative data sources to detect early signs of malfeasance by China-listed companies.