Key intelligence for private markets investors through the deal lifecycle

Ensure you don’t miss any crucial deal targets

Identify companies that fit your investment criteria

Indicate when a company is growing faster than its peers

90% of our clients use Neudata’s research input when making buying decisions (placeholder)

Address key diligence questions

Save time when researching, interviewing and testing data providers

Build value within your portfolio companies

Highlight opportunities to implement data-driven strategies within your portfolio

How can I build accurate indicators around a company’s revenue growth and financial performance to source new target investments?

Neudata can:

educate private equity clients on how they can use consumer transactional data to solve this problem.

identify which data providers are best suited for each use case, including providing intelligence on vendor panel sizes, underlying data sources and panel diversity.

What other sources can I use to identify high-growth companies?

Neudata can:

introduce its private equity clients to sentiment data vendors, which scrape media outlets and company websites to monitor positive/negative brand sentiment, as well as events that indicate growth (like fundraising, new product launches, market expansion, etc.)

provide anonymised intelligence on the vendors that its clients’ peer groups find useful, and those that lack accurate signals after testing.

How can I find cost-effective data within a short time frame that addresses key questions on each of my deals?

Neudata can:

provide a structured framework and consultative guidance from its team of 20+ research analysts and expert consulting team on how to approach the research process for unfamiliar data sources

save its clients time during the interviewing and testing phase by conducting research upfront and providing it in a searchable catalogue

How can I use data to build value within my portfolio companies?

Neudata can:

recommend datasets that upgrade portfolio company operational process and create value post-acquisition

provide advice on data vendors that offer products to track portfolio company momentum and the momentum of competing products

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