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Alternative Data for Healthcare Investors (Part II): Predicting Clinical Trial Outcomes

Drug development pipelines are the foundation on which pharma and biotech companies build their future success. Consequently, share price volatility is commonplace around the announcement of clinical trial results. In this report, we expand on our previous work - Using Alt Data to Evaluate Pharma Pipelines – by exploring a) the impact of clinical trial outcomes on the market value of pharma and biotech companies and b) predictive factors that could be used to estimate clinical trial outcomes.

Neudata Intelligence

5G rollout: Identifying the winners and losers using alt data

2019 marks the start of the next generation of communication: 5G. While the US and China rollout the technology using existing 4G networks and infrastructure, we look forward to 2025 - when 5G is expected to be operating without any reliance on its predecessor. In this Intelligence report, we use alternative data to try to answer 1) which telco operators are likely to dominate the market six years from now, and 2) how much they stand to earn with their innovations.

Neudata Intelligence

Crowdsourced employee reviews: a predictor of stock returns?

A growing amount of literature examines the relationship between financial performance and employee sentiment, as measured by crowdsourced company ratings and reviews. In particular, recent studies assess the ability of these datasets to forecast stock returns and earnings surprises, since changes in employee satisfaction levels can signal shifts in the economic condition of the firm. In this report we 1) highlight the predictive characteristics of employee feedback data, 2) discuss the limitations of these datasets and offer possible solutions, and 3) provide a market summary of crowdsourced employee review datasets.

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Alternative Data for Healthcare Investors (Part I): A Primer on Real-World Data

There is an ever-expanding supply of alternative data sources that can be utilised by pharma, biotech, and medtech investors. In this piece, we turn our attention away from “traditional” clinical trial data towards Real-World Data (RWD). Namely, data that is generated in real-world medical settings. In the first of a series of healthcare-focused Neudata intelligence articles, we provide a primer on the RWD landscape, including 1) an introduction to healthcare data and how RWD is defined, 2) the different types and sources of RWD, and 3) regional differences in the collection and availability of RWD.