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Neudata provides independent research and expert consultancy on data sources and use cases. We do not provide the data itself or act as a broker.

Early-stage data buyers rely on us to answer their most pressing questions

Have you seen too many vendor sales pitches that seem too good to be true?

Cut through the noise with access to Neudata’s team of expert data researchers.

Find the datasets most likely to help you discover alpha and achieve your investment goals.

Have you made some early investments in data and are disappointed by the results?

Draw on advice and expert opinions from Neudata’s team of 20 full-time data scouts to inform your data investments.

Learn which datasets are “must-haves” for your investment use case and which ones your peers have found lacking.

Unsure of what diligence or compliance questions you should be asking your vendors?

Avoid legal and compliance risks that come with selecting a bad dataset.

Benefit from Neudata’s team of regulatory experts to ensure that your data vendors are compliant with global laws before you start testing data.

Hear from our clients

“Neudata has become a trusted partner in our research process. Whether we are approached by a vendor or are working on a new idea, our first stop is to read the Scout report and reach out to the analysts at Neudata to better understand the value of the data and any competitive offerings.”

Head of investment analytics
Asset management firm with $500bn+ AUM

“[Neudata events] have been really useful for me and my team because we’ve had some ideas prompted for things we can look out for trading and we’ve met both data providers we didn’t know existed [and] data providers that we did know were there, but we didn’t know some of the things they were doing.”

Portfolio manager
Hedge fund with $15bn AUM

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