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Crowdsourced employee reviews: a predictor of stock returns?

A growing amount of literature examines the relationship between financial performance and employee sentiment, as measured by crowdsourced company ratings and reviews. In particular, recent studies assess the ability of these datasets to forecast stock returns and earnings surprises, since changes in employee satisfaction levels can signal shifts in the economic condition of the firm. In this report we 1) highlight the predictive characteristics of employee feedback data, 2) discuss the limitations of these datasets and offer possible solutions, and 3) provide a market summary of crowdsourced employee review datasets.

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Alternative Data for Healthcare Investors (Part I): A Primer on Real-World Data

There is an ever-expanding supply of alternative data sources that can be utilised by pharma, biotech, and medtech investors. In this piece, we turn our attention away from “traditional” clinical trial data towards Real-World Data (RWD). Namely, data that is generated in real-world medical settings. In the first of a series of healthcare-focused Neudata intelligence articles, we provide a primer on the RWD landscape, including 1) an introduction to healthcare data and how RWD is defined, 2) the different types and sources of RWD, and 3) regional differences in the collection and availability of RWD.

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Is there alpha in combining ESG scores with sustainability sentiment?

We highlight key findings from a Harvard Business School study that combines traditional ESG scores with alternative data sources that measure public sentiment momentum on corporate sustainability performance. The study finds that an ESG factor that goes long on firms with high or improving ESG performance and negative sentiment momentum, and short on firms with low or decreasing ESG performance and positive sentiment momentum delivers significant positive alpha.

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Neudata Alternative Data Conference, New York 2019

Neudata is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its first alternative data conference in New York, on 7th May 2019. The one-day event, held at the historic Altman Building will feature industrial expert speakers, one-to-one networking sessions with key data providers and product workshops. There will be a particular focus on what fundamental and quantitative firms are doing with alternative data to gain significant advantages in the markets.

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Morgan Stanley European Quantamental Conference, London 2019

On the 2nd May, our CEO Rado Lipus, will be speaking at the Morgan Stanley European Quantamental Conference on the topic of 'data discovery and handling'.

May 2019