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Credit Suisse Micro to Macro: Where are the opportunities?, London 2018

On 11 December 2018, Neudata CEO Rado Lipuš will speak on a panel at the Credit Suisse Micro to Macro conference on the topic of 'Big Data in Big Organisations'.

Neudata Intelligence

Using employee turnover data to forecast share price movements

Empirical evidence suggests that the financial performance of companies is inversely correlated with employee turnover. More interestingly, we look into this subject in more depth by assessing whether this relationship is exacerbated or dampened across particular industries or level of employee seniority. We also outline several alternative data providers we believe are best placed to provide such predictive turnover analytics.

Neudata Intelligence

Inside the Portfolios of Healthcare Investors

We explore the use of fund ownership data and analysis, highlighting a research piece produced by a Neudata-listed alternative data provider. In this piece, portfolios of specialist healthcare investors are analysed and ownership trends are identified for specific healthcare subsectors. We also highlight a number of alternative data providers offering this type of data, as well as a selection of healthcare data providers.

Neudata Intelligence

Back to basics: Geolocation data (Part 3/3)

We discuss the key regulatory issues concerning the collection, processing and usage of geolocation data. Starting with the definition of geolocation data as ‘personal data’, we draw attention to several cautionary tales of data misappropriation or privacy leakage, before discussing best practices according to GDPR, as well as the logistical and legal challenges associated with data anonymization. We also draw attention to several future policy developments that should be on the radar of any informed user of geolocation data.

Neudata Events

The Quant Conference, London 2018

On 2 November 2018, Neudata CEO Rado Lipuš moderated a panel at The Quant Conference in London.