IHS forms data partnership with FinTech Studios

Sondra Campanelli, Head of News and Marketing (London)

Neudata News
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Data giant IHS Markit has formed a partnership with FinTech Studios, which will allow the vendor to provide additional data to IHS’s thinkFolio investment management platform.

The relationship will help bolster thinkFolio’s product, which provides clients with a full suite of investment tools including portfolio construction, pre-trade risk analytics, post-trade operations and performance attribution.

ThinkFolio has formed several recent partnerships with service providers to create a tool where users can access a suite of third-party tools.

FinTech Studios analyses unstructured documents to create datasets for investment managers. Through its integration into IHS’s thinkFolio, the vendor will deliver that data contextually alongside users’ investment exposure data and active orders. As a result, investment managers will be able to manage their portfolios, read relevant news and see market data on the same platform.

Users can also create customised personal channels that deliver content based on their own areas of interest.


Photo by Nico Frey on Unsplash