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FiscalNote acquires Predata

Neudata News
23 Aug 2021

FiscalNote, a data vendor that provides predictive analytics on legislative and regulatory actions, has acquired geopolitical risk signal provider Predata.

The transaction is the latest in a series of acquisitions from FiscalNote, which has completed half-a-dozen purchases in 2021 including Oxford Analytica, FactSquared, TimeBase and Fireside.

In an announcement about the deal, FiscalNote said these new acquisitions will help it expand its suite of products, which are designed to help its clients understand the policy and global market landscape.

Predata’s CEO Hazem Dawani will continue to lead the Predata team moving forward. The firm has developed a patented methodology that analyses 300k+ sources to derive behaviour patterns and anticipate political and economic risks/events in 180 countries.


Photo by Henrik Dønnestad on Unsplash

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