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Neudata Literature Review

Can social media networks predict the spread of COVID-19?

Published literature finds that a region’s social connections to a COVID-19 hotspot correlates with a higher rate of confirmed cases. We summarise the findings of a research paper that uses social media data for Italy and the US to identify the relationship between social connections and spread of diseases. We also highlight several Neudata-listed data providers for readers interested in applying these findings to practice.

Neudata Literature Review

Verifying Japanese inflation statistics using alt data

We summarise conclusions drawn from an academic paper comparing Japanese CPI data with a Neudata listed alternative data provider in an attempt to evaluate the accuracy of official statistics vs a ‘true’ inflation measure. The authors conclude that 1) the Japanese CPI is a poor predictor of actual inflation when measured inflation is below c.2%, and 2) the US PCE deflator methodology is superior to the Japanese CPI methodology. We also evaluate several alternative Japanese data providers and recommend further academic reading on this topic.

Neudata Literature Review

Is there value in tracking earnings release date changes?

With a popular corporate events data aggregator as the primary source of data for this study, the authors claim companies that advance their earnings announcements by 4 or more days exhibit positive earnings surprises, while firms that delay earnings announcements after previously announcing their release date are more likely to have negative earnings surprises. The authors suggest that companies delay their announcement date due to negative events.