The Signal: NVDA, LULU, NFTs and stimulus spending

Sondra Campanelli, Head of News and Marketing (London)

Neudata Signal
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Welcome to the April edition of The Signal – a column from Neudata that curates the latest, interesting data vendor research on market trends. Each link below highlights a research study or report released by a data provider, in which they analyse their own data in conjunction with this month's relevant market headlines.

In our third edition, we look at data that shows how Nvidia is edging out competitors, how stimulus payments are affecting the US stock market and broader economy, how apps are being used to track the growth of NFTs, and how lockdown spending patterns are changing across the UK and EU.

How Nvidia Is Stealing Share in the Computer Hardware Industry?
Nvidia is the biggest threat to Intel, AMD and Qualcomm, according to data from SimilarWeb. Nvidia’s share of web traffic nearly doubled between Dec. 2019 – 2020, representing a huge increase in buyer interest relative to its competitors.
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The "Stimmy" Effect
US consumers received their third stimulus check in March but the link between stimulus-related chatter on /r/wallstreetbets and stock performance may be breaking down, according to Quiver Quantitative.
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Stimulus: Third Time’s the Charm
However, stimulus payments are still making a big mark on consumer spending in the US. Big winners of the latest round included Peloton, Dick’s, Kohl’s, Ross, TJ Maxx, Gap, Southwest and Etsy, Earnest Research said in a new report.
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LULU Keeps Turning COVID Lemons into Lululemonade
The athleisure revolution, coupled with strong corporate strategic direction, have turned Lululemon into a post-pandemic darling. E-commerce supported its rise to the top, according to Consumer Edge, which calculated US and UK online sales were up 2.2x and 1.6x, respectively, when compared to 2019.
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VeVe Collectibles watches app downloads soar as NFT enthusiasts hit mobile
NFTs are supporting a large ecosystem of new apps to buy and sell the digital assets, Apptopia data shows. One marketplace, VeVe Collectibles, saw app downloads increase 5,000% and DAUs increase 50,000% between Feb and March 2021.
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What are People Looking Forward to Most as the Lockdown in England Relaxes?
Brits are most looking forward to haircuts, eating out and retail therapy after England lifted its strict lockdown restrictions on Monday, according to a report from YouGov.
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European Essential Retail at Lowest Point in Pandemic
Across the Channel, EU economies are faring less well. As the region locks down again, EU supermarket visits have fallen to their lowest point since April 2020, according to Huq Industries.
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Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash