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Spotlight on: Satellite data

From counting cars at mall and shopping centre parking lots to gauge consumer traffic, to calculating the shadows cast on floating-roof tanks to estimate global crude oil supply, satellite data has become one of the more well-known types of alternative data in the market. With significant numbers of institutional investors realizing the value of this data, we address the current state of the industry, as well as some words of caution when approaching satellite data.

Neudata Intelligence

ESG 2.0 – a solution to slow moving ESG scores

With 90% of today’s data created in the last two years, opportunities to leverage vast amounts of unstructured data sources are growing at an exponential rate. The proliferation of AI and big data is transforming the ESG industry – providing investors with a greater supply of more timely information and the ability to develop more sophisticated investing strategies. Alternative data is the driving force behind ESG 2.0.

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Verifying Japanese inflation statistics using alt data

We summarise conclusions drawn from an academic paper comparing Japanese CPI data with a Neudata listed alternative data provider in an attempt to evaluate the accuracy of official statistics vs a ‘true’ inflation measure. The authors conclude that 1) the Japanese CPI is a poor predictor of actual inflation when measured inflation is below c.2%, and 2) the US PCE deflator methodology is superior to the Japanese CPI methodology. We also evaluate several alternative Japanese data providers and recommend further academic reading on this topic.

Neudata Events

Data Disrupt, New York 2018

On 24 May 2018, Neudata's CEO Rado Lipuš will be attending the Data Disrupt event in New York. Rado will moderate a panel on finding the best sources of alternative data.

Neudata Intelligence

Measuring the unmeasurable: An alternative data story

Sports Direct and Ryanair have both demonstrated share price volatility in the last few years that many attribute to poor labour management practices. Finding a way to measure social intangibles, and in particular monitoring significant changes to such, could therefore be a useful leading indicator in predicting share price movements. We outline 1) ways in which one can measure the ‘S’ factor, 2) studies that support incorporating social intangibles into the investment process and 3) examples of alternative data providers that can help an investor do so.

Neudata Events

Credit Suisse Macro Conference, New York 2018

On 15 May 2018, Ian Webster, Senior Vice President at Neudata, spoke on applications of alternative data and deep learning to macro investing at the Credit Suisse Macro Conference in New York.