The Signal: Consumer spending ticks up, bolstering beauty, healthcare and travel brands in COVID-19 recovery

Sondra Campanelli, Head of News and Marketing (London)

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Welcome to The Signal – a monthly column from Neudata that curates the latest, interesting data vendor research on market trends. Each link below highlights a research study or report released by a data provider, in which they analyse their own-data in conjunction with this month's relevant market headlines.

In our June edition, we analyse the consumer spending trends that are shaping the post-pandemic recovery in the US, UK and Europe.

Ulta’s Q1 performance signals increase in beauty spend
Increasing vaccination rates and loosening gathering and mask-wearing policies have re-ignited consumers’ interest in beauty products, according to data from Second Measure. Transaction data from 2021 shows that March and April sales at Ulta Beauty have outperformed investors’ expectations.
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Home Depot leads with 59% market share in online home improvement sales
Online home improvement spending is still surging in the US, a new report from Edison Software shows. has seen spending increase 57% since April 2020, while Ace Hardware saw a 9% increase. Meanwhile, spending at Home Depot and Tractor Supply Co. was flat, and Menards’Lowe’s and Harbor Freight’s was down.
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Taking a bite out of online dental
Smile Direct Club and Byte have chomped away at the dental market with their online offerings, Consumer Edge has reported. Byte and SDC’s direct-to-consumer businesses are more likely to attract high-income shoppers, with over 40% of purchasers making $100k+ per year.
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Italians are ready to shop again – especially for cars
One in five Italian consumers are optimistic about their personal finances – the highest proportion in six months – and appear ready to make big purchases again. Footfall traffic data from Blis projects an increase in car sales in Italy in the second half of 2021.
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U.S travel to Europe – A summer revival?
Americans are traveling in style this summer as the EU plans to re-open its borders to US arrivals. ForwardKeys has noticed a 7.1% increase in Economy Premium and Business class tickets for the trans-Atlantic route, while Americans are increasing their average length of stay from 15 days in 2019 to 24 days in 2021.
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Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash