The Signal: Asian online shopping and data privacy regulation

Saima Jannath, Vendor Engagement Associate (London)

Neudata Signal
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Welcome to The Signal – a monthly column from Neudata that curates the latest, interesting data vendor research on market trends. Each link below highlights a research study or report released by a data provider, in which they analyse their own data in conjunction with this month's relevant market headlines.

In our April edition, we highlight the new data privacy law in India, explore shopper behaviour in Southeast Asia, highlight the job industries with the greatest employee dispersion and look a deeper look at what's driving travel trends.

Ten compelling features of India’s proposed data privacy law
India is on the verge of establishing new data privacy policies that will impact how data is transferred both nationally and internationally. Epiq highlights ten features from the pending bill that will influence the ways in which data protection and storage will be implemented.
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Women buoy Southeast Asian online shopping demand
A recent study from iPrice found that women are bolstering the online shopping sector in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. The biggest uplift was the electronics category, which received almost two-thirds of the total number of new users across both men and women.
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Returning to the office will be the toughest for these companies
Work-from-home policies during the pandemic had a great impact on where employees decided to live. Many employees opted to move to a location different than where their company is located, according to Revelio Labs. The job industries with the greatest employee dispersion were recruitment, insurance, marketing and advertising, banking and telecommunications.
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Online activity shows growing recovery for travel
The travel and tourism sector is currently displaying positive momentum and this trend is expected to continue into the summer months according to SimilarWeb. The data vendor estimates airline web traffic has increased by 181% since 2020, with budget airlines capturing most visitors.
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