The ‘how’ of alt data: Neudata London Summit 2019

Sondra Campanelli, Head of News and Marketing (London)

Neudata Events
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A packed Neudata summit held at the Science Museum in London’s Kensington was the scene this week for two days of speakers, knowledge sharing and one-to-one networking for global experts in the alternative data market.

Delegates and speakers gathered to share insight and learnings on the ‘how’ of alt data, moving on from the ‘why’ of last year’s conference.

Neudata’s Founder and CEO Rado Lipuš explained: “A main focus of the event is use cases – the best ideas from the buy-side and providers on how to generate alpha from alternative data”.

“Innovation is at the core of Neudata and we are delighted to facilitate increased awareness and connections within the alternative data revolution.”

Those attending included more than 140 hedge funds and asset managers from all over the world, along with 75 tech and data firms. Neudata research analysts selected novel data providers for the conference programme, with presentations backed up by 760 pre-scheduled short meeting slots and ‘Provider Showcase’ sessions.

Topics covered ranged from Brexit to Formula 1, the Macau casino market and #ChickenWars (check it out on Twitter).

This year’s conference was a repeat visit for many. Andreas Zagos of IPR explained why it was the third time (London x2 plus New York) his company had attended. “The Neudata Summit gives us so much exposure. The meeting and access opportunities are excellent. Holding it here at the Science Museum is a great fit.”

Dr Dan Mitchell, CEO of Hivemind, another gold sponsor of the Neudata London Summit 2019, praised the event’s networking opportunities: “It’s a very sales-friendly event, the content has been great, and we get really good value out of the one-to-ones here.”

The location of this year’s summit, with its iconic views across the London skyline, won widespread praise. Charles Brecque, CX Operations at Mind Foundry, said: “The venues for the Neudata Summit are getting better and better. The networking opportunities are excellent.”

Ed Carroll, Director of Business Development at transactional data specialist Second Measure, agreed: “This space is amazing. The turnout has been really good across both days and the organisation and demand for one-to-ones is so strong. The speaking slot was also excellent – we are very happy to take part in and support this summit.”

YouGov’s Norrie Hernon said: “This event is good for seeing what’s out there in terms of other vendors. Plenty of delegates come to be open in terms of what they want; it helps us finetune our offering.”

The next Neudata conference takes place in San Francisco, February 2020. Find out more here: