Neudata Webinar: Diagnosing the economic and financial impacts of COVID-19 with alternative data

Sondra Campanelli, Head of News and Marketing (London)

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In light of COVID-19's impact on financial markets, Neudata will host a webinar highlighting the alternative datasets that can help you monitor and measure the impact of the virus.

Neudata client only Webinar: Wednesday March 18th, at 9am ET / 1pm GMT. Please email to register.

Non-Neudata clients Webinar: Thursday March 19th, at 9am ET / 1pm GMT. Please register here.

Detailed analysis of the impact will be led by Neudata analysts Amy Dafnis in London and Helena Yu in Shanghai.
They'll be covering:
- the use of local data sources to monitor China's lockdown and subsequent recovery,
- risk assessment in the new battlegrounds of Europe and North America, and
- the sector-level impacts and the data sources that are in highest demand amongst the buy-side.