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QuantCube launches new economic indicator data

Neudata News
24 Nov 2021

QuantCube Technology has added four new real-time economic indicators to its platform, which it says can help asset managers and corporate clients to track environmental change.

The new indicators include:

  1. Urban growth index, which measures development in cities and urban areas over time;
  2. NO2 pollution index, which tracks human activity by comparing average nitrogen dioxide produced across different regions;
  3. Water stress index, which monitors water surface fluctuations to pinpoint locations where droughts and water shortages are likely to occur; and
  4. Agricultural index, which observes agricultural land usage to help predict changes in agricultural yields.

The new products use Earth observation data from the European Space Agency (ESA). “Combining the satellite data from ESA with additional QuantCube data sources­ – including news and social media data, industry and employment data, international trade and shipping data, meteorological and oceanographic data, and more – allows us to provide a new set of indicators for measuring economic changes in granular detail across key sectors of the economy,” said Thanh-Long Huynh, CEO of QuantCube.

The new indicators are available through QuantCube’s macroeconomic intelligence platform, which also provides real-time indicators for inflation, tourism, global trade and key macroeconomic variables.


Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

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