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Key benefits

Meet new vendors

Be the first of your peers to meet brand new vendors selling into our space. Some vendors are so new they’re not listed on the Neudata Scout platform yet!

Stay on top of developments

Keep on top of new product developments from a hand-picked group of established data providers that have something interesting to share.

Receive bespoke recommendations

Receive a highly personalised agenda of vendor meetings that best suit your data needs.

Save time

Save time and hassle by meeting enough data vendors in one week to keep you busy testing data for a year.


Pick your meetings with our intuitive AltDating experience

Get started quickly with expertly curated collections of vendors
Identify and meet new vendors in the space
Pick the time slots that work best for you

Gain access to an exclusive list of top performing vendors

See which vendors recieved the most interest from buyer community
Insight and commentary on why each vendor and collection was popular
Written by Neudata’s team of expert research analysts

Unlock Neudata vendor intelligence

While Neudata Scout clients have full access to our research catalogue of 7,100+ dataset reports, participating in AltDating is a great way for data buyers at all stages in their alternative data journey to meet with a highly qualified subset of our vendor universe.

Many of the vendors that participate in AltDating are so new to our space that they’re not even listed on Neudata Scout yet.

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