Forecasting employee turnover with alternative data

Julia Asri Meigh, Head of ESG and Macro Research (New York)

Neudata Intelligence
Post feature

Mass layoffs in some industries and labour shortages across others have left global labour markets in a state of paradox. In light of these trends, we summarise the alternative datasets that can help track employee churn. We also highlight studies that link workforce turnover with financial performance, outline the common challenges with using these datasets, and suggest several solutions to help investors overcome such issues.


The alternative data market has increased the availability of human capital data – these datasets can help investors track employee headcount and other financially material human capital issues that are not always captured on the balance sheet.

Human capital data has generated significant investor interest in recent times, as many of these datasets remain untapped. As a result, we have published several reports that summarise the data landscape of all things human capital.

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