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An Alternative Data Primer For Telehealth Investors

Last week, it was announced that leading telehealth provider, Telehealth (NYSE: TDOC), observed a 33% increase in share price and 40% increase in revenue, year to date. We at Neudata thought it would be as good a time as any to discuss some alternative datasets that could help investors predict some key metrics of telehealth vendors.

As echoed in our primer for SaaS investors, there are a handful of key metrics that we believe are quite valuable to telehealth investors: adoption, utilization, churn, revenue, and costs. Traditional sources such as investor presentations and earnings calls only disclose these numbers every quarter, and at a lag, leaving investment managers with an information deficit.

In this Intelligence report, we discuss a few alternative datasets that investors can consider alongside these traditional resources to remedy this deficit and help predict KPIs ahead of official announcements.

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