An Alt Data Analysis of Brexit

Julia Asri Meigh, Head of ESG and Macro Research (New York)

Neudata Intelligence
Post feature

The public narrative around Brexit has reached the point where it is now impossible to see the woods for the trees. For those who are based in Europe (and possibly even for those who are not) it seems as if we are being battered by a stream of Brexit-related content and, as such, we can’t help but feel slightly apologetic about contributing to the madness.

Nevertheless, regardless of whether you see Brexit as a) a welcome return to full sovereignty, or b) the geopolitical equivalent of belly flopping into the Atlantic Ocean, there is no denying that it poses some interesting questions to the investment community.

We will try to avoid a Brexit-themed walk about of obvious alternative dataset types (Oh, you’re interested in UK consumer spending? Let me introduce you to my friend, transactional data.), but instead use this opportunity to ask:

  1. What even is Brexit?
  2. How can an investor better gauge their exposure to it?
  3. How can we obtain higher-frequency, lower-latency macro indicators?
  4. Is it possible to preempt corporate reactions?


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