Alternative Data Pricing Trends 2Q20

Daryl Smith, CFA, Head of Research (London)

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How much does alternative data cost? In our Getting the Price Right series, we leverage our unique position in the industry and proprietary data on pricing to shed some light on this topic. This 2Q20 update of our original 2Q19 analysis provides fresh insight into the state of alternative data pricing.

The cost of using alternative data remains a hot topic among both data buyers and data sellers alike.

By analysing some of the metadata we have compiled on datasets here at Neudata, we are able to provide insights on the following frequently asked questions:

  • How much do datasets cost?
  • Which factors influence the price of a dataset?
  • Are funds willing to pay the price?

In this 2Q20 update, we:

  • Refresh our data to find out whether the answers to the above questions have changed since 2Q19
  • Provide additional analysis on the features that data providers may charge a premium for


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