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In the last 12 months, Neudata has had more questions than ever from data buyers asking for sourcing advice.

Mar 12, 2024

Most popular datasets

Those questions have covered a whole range of topics. Three examples of what data areas have seen strong demand from funds

The first are datasets that are able to provide insight into the mindset of employees at any given company – so not just what they think of the company culture or their colleagues, but also how successful they think the company might be in achieving its near-term goals.

The second area is understanding consumer transaction patterns outside the US. The biggest surprise here has been the demand Neudata has seen for this sort of data in China, given that the ability for vendors to export their data outside the country is now a lot more complex.

And the third are region-specific sentiment providers - vendors that are applying some sentiment analysis, or ultimately a score on companies, based on content from local news sites or social media. It’s clear we’re seeing an appreciation of the nuance that these domestic companies can provide, that perhaps their international counterparts can’t, or simply miss. A really good example is the demand we’ve seen for these sorts of vendors in South Korea.

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