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Explore Alternative Data on a Budget

One of the biggest misconceptions about alternative data: It’s really expensive

May 2, 2024

Explore Alternative Data on a Budget

Neudata's Head of Research, Daryl Smith, explains alternative data pricing:

We believe one of the biggest misconceptions about using alternative data is that it’s really expensive—hundreds of thousands of dollars per year or maybe even more.

In fact, when we look at our Scout catalogue, we find that around 40% of all the datasets we have cost around USD 25k per year or less, and 10% are actually free. And within those lower price ranges, it might also be surprising to know that there is a strong representation of most dataset types. Whether that's transactional data, web scraping data, social media sentiment or others. 

I think one reason for this is that many vendors, in recent years, have become much more amenable to selling their products at a lower price point. That could be through offering things like a longer lag time or more limited universe coverage in some cases. 

Datasets being offered at increasingly lower prices is something that we think we’ll continue to see in the market. 

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