Neudata launches academic literature review product

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Neudata announced today that it has launched Literature Review, a platform that provides overarching summaries of academic research papers from the financial data science community.

All reviews will be written by Neudata analysts, who will source papers and provide recommendations on studies that help clients understand the role data plays in different investment scenarios. In addition to summarising each paper’s findings, analysts will share Neudata’s view on the datasets mentioned in the study and share additional data sources that can be used in similar use cases.

In general, Neudata analysts will review papers that use alternative datasets the team has already covered or that answer clients’ frequently asked questions.

“In our first review, for example, we looked at several papers to answer a question we hear a lot from clients: ‘Can mobile app usage help predict stock returns?’” said Daryl Smith, Neudata’s head of research. “Our analysis of the research led us to conclude that app downloads can provide predictive power of future stock returns across the mobile app data ecosystem.”

The reports are included in Neudata’s Scout subscription for buy-side clients. Academics who wish to submit a paper for review are not charged for their participation.

Neudata can also facilitate author introductions for readers who have specific questions on how the research can be deployed in their investment process or who want to collaborate on future research projects.

Authors may send their papers directly to the Neudata research team at for consideration. To be accepted for review, papers should have recently been published in a reputable academic journal.


About Neudata

Founded in 2016 in London, Neudata is a human- and technology-powered data sourcing and research service that is completely independent — this means that it does not sell datasets or ask for revenue shares from data providers.

Instead, its aim is to educate alternative data users and providers about new developments in the market. It also hopes to inspire new adopters across a spectrum of fundamental, quantamental and quant strategies, as well as those in the PE and corporate space.

The Neudata Scout platform captures over 3,500 datasets across sentiment, social media, weather, web-tracking, transactional, ESG and more. Our team of New York-, London- and Shanghai-based analysts source and evaluate unique and hard-to-find information on a daily basis, enabling investors to make better informed decisions on what data to buy and how to use it.


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