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Neudata provides our private equity and venture capital clients with the objective insight & tools they need to easily search, source, manage and compare alternative datasets and vendors.

Private equity and venture capital firms are using alternative data in a variety of ways, including sourcing deals, performing due diligence, and creating value within existing portfolio companies.

At Neudata, we work with over 1,000 alternative and traditional data vendors to find you fresh, relevant and unusual datasets that are often missed by data brokers focused on volumes and commissions.

Our interests are aligned — in exchange for a flat annual rate, you get access to a suite of data sourcing tools and events. We don’t buy or sell data, and we don’t require the providers we list to pay us commissions or enter into revenue-sharing agreements. That means we never recommend datasets that don’t align with your investing goals.

Neudata services are relevant to data buyers at any stage of the alternative data journey and solve several key business problems, including quickly finding unusual datasets for urgent investment questions, knowing which vendors in a crowded niche are genuinely gaining traction in the market, and anticipating issues you might face with data vendors before you invest time and money in acquiring their data.

Whether you’re an advanced data scout looking for unique new vendor names and help avoiding red flags or a buyer who’s gearing up for your first alternative data project, Neudata can help.

Discover Neudata's suite of alternative data scouting & intelligence products

  • Neudata Scout - alternative data intelligence for investment managers

    Discover Neudata’s catalogue of 6,900+ alternative dataset reports and easily search, source, manage and compare data, while leveraging real-time idea-generating insights and bespoke advice from our team of expert research analysts.

  • Neudata Starter Pack

    By becoming a Starter Pack user, you’ll gain access to a library of select Intelligence reports — including one of your choice — and insightful datasets that will work with a smaller budget. You can also add more Intelligence articles on to your subscription at an additional cost.

  • Neudata Sentry for alternative data compliance intelligence

    Neudata Sentry streamlines your alternative data legal, compliance and due diligence processes in one easy-to-use SaaS platform.