Neudata Scout, our flagship product for data buyers, is the only objective and neutral data scouting service that is dedicated to finding alpha-generating data for investment professionals and other data users.

Why Neudata Scout?

Neudata works with data buyers across the fundamental and quant/systematic hedge fund, asset management, private equity, venture capital and corporates space to help them find the datasets best suited to their research goals.

Our team of researchers scout data from around the world to discover the datasets best positioned to deliver unique, actionable insights.

  • Save time and money

    While evaluating and selecting providers, you will be able to access the historic and ongoing systematic research of our full-time data scouts — including pricing intelligence, comparison tools and sample data files. Get all this for a fraction of a full-time data strategist’s salary.

  • Reduce miss rate

    Avoid wasting time and money on datasets that are unlikely to provide value. This includes providers and segments that are falling out of favour in the market, providers with significant permanency risk, and providers with warning signs on compliance factors.

  • Improve hit rate

    Find datasets that are more likely to give value, earlier than you would have found them yourself. We combine our systematic analysis on data provider suitability with our insight into market traction, which is derived from our conversations data buyers and sellers.

What's included in your Neudata Scout subscription?

  • Unlimited access to our catalogue of unique alternative dataset reports.
  • Filtering and comparison tools to narrow down dataset reports across 100 factors and ratings.
  • A powerful search engine that maps our dataset reports to over 4,000 tickers, brands and investment topics, including ESG.
  • Idea-generating Intelligence Reports, which explore different facets of alternative data use cases each week.
  • Bespoke research calls with our team of experts, which covers marketplace trends, new vendor launches and vendor news, and recommendations on datasets that fit your investment goals.
  • Neudata Academy, a virtual training course designed to help investment managers improve their performance through the use of alternative data.
  • Access to Neudata’s 1-2-1 network that introduces you to relevant new vendors.
  • Risk reduction and monitoring capabilities through Neudata Scout’s Sentry system.
  • An option to purchase our add-on metadata storage tool MetaHub.

Neudata Scout ESG

Neudata Scout ESG is a product within Neudata’s Scout line of business that helps global organisations search, source, manage and compare new sources of alternative data aligned to environmental, social and governance factors.

Users gain access to 400+ ESG-relevant datasets, which are classified across different ESG themes and the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Use Neudata Scout ESG to find data that helps you comply with government regulations, fill in disclosure gaps and build your own ESG evaluation models.

How does an investor gauge alternative data’s value?

Neudata’s CEO Rado Lipuš explains how investors can get the most out of their Neudata Scout subscription.

Rado Lipuš 3m 40s

About Neudata

Neudata offers 100% independent advice and objective insight on the most relevant alternative data that match your strategies and goals.

We work with thousands of alternative and traditional data vendors to find you fresh, relevant and unusual datasets that are often missed by data brokers focused on volumes and commissions.

Our interests are aligned — in exchange for a flat annual rate, you get access to a suite of data sourcing tools and events.

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