Real estate 101: Alt data for real estate revisited

Danesh Kissoon, Senior Analyst (London)

Post feature

safdaasdfasdfThe real estate alt data landscape has changed over the past few years with new products coming to market, acquisitions and even some discontinuations. Given the volume of products available in the market today, it can be challenging for data-sourcing analysts to understand the universe of products that exists in the market. This piece looks to serve as a comprehensive resource for sources of property data.

In our last real estate-focused reports, we highlighted datasets and some of the ways that alt data could be used by real estate investors.

In this piece, we cover data products that track both the residential and commercial markets across the US and Europe. Throughout this piece, we outline:

  • A high-level overview of the data landscape
  • Incumbent sources of property data
  • Alternative sources of property data
  • Property listing data
High-level overview of the data landscape

When providers are evaluating which property-focused data products are worth trialling, they rely on publicly available data (both established players and alternatives). This includes:

  • Public records – including county databases, tax assessor documents and land registries.
  • Listing websites – for commercial, residential or rental property (either scraped or sold as exhaust).

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