Alternative Data for Crypto Analysis (Part 1): Looking Beyond the Hype

Nicholas Neary, Data Scouting Analyst (London)

Neudata Intelligence
Post feature

From the Bitcoin Boom/Bubble to $69m NFTs, cryptoassets have been centre stage thus far in 2021. Add to that the IPO activity among firms operating in this space and it’s unsurprising that we’re seeing growing interest in data sources that can be used to understand the crypto market.

The transparent nature of the blockchain creates a unique data landscape where the majority of crypto data is publicly accessible. On the Bitcoin blockchain, for example, every single transfer made from one address to another since Bitcoin’s inception is publicly recorded. This holds true for most other blockchain networks as well.

That said, in its raw form, much of this data is challenging to make sense of or to derive value from. This explains why there is a growing market of crypto data and analytics providers aggregating and adding further value to this (largely) public data.

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