Forecasting crop prices using alt data

In this Intelligence report, we summarise a few alternative datasets that soft commodity investors can leverage in order to predict the prices of crops. Specifically, the report discusses datasets that can offer investors 1) a leading advantage, and/or 2) more visibility into previously opaque regions.

Friendly PSA: the following information is intended as a high-level introduction to crop-related data. If you are already a sophisticated user of this data (or are even just passably familiar with it), then there is a high chance that you will not learn anything new here.


We begin right at the start – before any crop has begun growing – with the materials. Inputs like ammonia and urea are vital in making sure that crops grow at scale, and are also one of the many costs that farmers have to bear when producing. And if logic follows, by getting an understanding of

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2 Oct 2019

Analyst Contact

Chashaka Wimalaweera Analyst (London)