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Coronavirus and alt data: the sources that matter

Where to begin? As of March 11th, the world has been officially diagnosed with a pandemic and is now standing on the brink of a global recession. Here follows Neudata’s attempt to guide our clients through the most pertain alternative data products, from China’s recovery, to macro-level economic insights, supply chain analysis, healthcare and tourism sectors, and, finally, epidemiological data on the virus itself.

What datasets can be used to monitor the resumption of economic activity in China?

It makes sense to start with China, not only because it was the epicentre of the first epidemic, but – as the world’s most populous country and home to over a quarter of global manufacturing – anything that affects China affects the entire world. A (possibly apocryphal) quote from Napoleon Bonaparte goes ‘Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.’

If the largest quarantine in human history can be thought of as an artificially induced slumber – to follow the metaphor to its logical conclusion –the burning question is how long until China is fully awake again

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