Brick and mortar datasets for commercial real estate

Danesh Kissoon, Senior Analyst (London)

Neudata Intelligence
Post feature

Following a spike in interest from our clients in light of COVID-19, we discuss the first line of alternative data available for investors interested in the commercial real estate industry. The report has consolidated the key datasets – ranging from sales, to rents, mortgages/loans, and supply – for investors hoping to investigate the state, and recovery, of the CRE industry.

Friendly PSA: the following information is intended as a high-level introduction to commercial real estate data. If you are already a sophisticated user of this data (or are even passably familiar with the well-known vendors), then there is a high chance that you will not learn anything new here.


A sensible starting point for investors is real estate transactions and deals data. The UK, for instance, has seen over £2.9bn worth of CRE assets/deals being pulled from the market, year to date, contributing to the global slowdown of the CRE industry.

One provider of CRE transactions data is

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