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Back to basics: Latin America and alt data (Part 1/2)

Considered by many to be a land of political and economic extremes, Latin America has long been one of the world’s most challenging regions in which to do business. In this report, we discuss a) five key drivers of the Latin American economy – both on a macro and stock-specific level, and b) relevant alternative datasets, local and foreign, for investors with Latin American market exposure.


In this report we will attempt to identify some must-have alternative datasets for investors interested in Latin America. Before doing so, it is important we firstly shed some light on the main driving forces of the Latin American market.


  • What are the key regions (e.g. should Latin American datasets have a stronger coverage in Mexico or in Bolivia)?
  • What are the key industries (e.g. is there value in subscribing to a Latin American oil and gas dataset)?
  • What are the main public equities (e.g. if a retail pricing dataset does not cover Mercado Libre, is it a worthwhile offering)?

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