Alternative datasets for the telecom industry

Barney Bruce-Smythe, Senior Associate (London)

Neudata Intelligence
Post feature

Following increased client interest, we highlight relevant datasets that can be used to monitor the telecommunications sector. The report will specifically draw attention to datasets that can help gauge consumer churn, market penetration of devices and carriers, and high-level consumer behaviour trends. We also discuss the significant limitations associated with these datasets.


One of the first KPIs that investors will examine when evaluating a telecom firm is customer churn, as it is indicative of lost revenue by a network and the declining quality and customer satisfaction of their products/services. Recent research also estimates that, each year, nearly 75% of a network’s new subscribers churn from another network. Given this cyclical nature, one can also forecast the lost revenue in 12 months’ time for the winner through churn data.

Investors can monitor customer churn through


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