Alternative data solutions for governance insights

Julia Asri Meigh, Head of ESG and Macro Research (New York)

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The growth of alt data is ever-increasing the availability of sources that offer unconventional ways to assess company governance quality. Many of these datasets offer an outside perspective of governance practices by sourcing data points outside of self-reported information. We summarize the availability of datasets that offer insights into ownership structures, leadership quality, shareholder sentiment, governance risks and even psychometric profiles of senior management teams.

Ownership structure

Ownership structure is one of the most crucial factors of corporate governance, as it determines the balance of power within a firm, influencing governance practices and corporate behavior.

ISS Analytics draws a clear distinction between CEO ownership in terms of the monetary value in the company’s stock and CEO ownership in terms of voting power. Research by the group finds that considerable ownership in value does not necessarily lead to significant voting power.[1]

[1] Kosmas Papadopoulos. CEO Ownership, Corporate Governance, and Company Performance. ISS Analytics, 2019

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