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How it works

Our scouting team is tasked with discovering new and alternative datasets. Once we find a potentially interesting source, we hold meetings with the data provider, examine the data and produce a detailed report summarising our findings.

Our clients are regularly updated on new dataset discoveries. They can also access our full report suite via our online alternative data intelligence platform – Neudata Scout.

Why we're different

We don’t sell data. Instead, we advise investment managers to contact data vendors directly for access.

We believe this offers the best value for both data providers and investment managers:

  • as a data provider that means you will not be charged by Neudata;
  • as an investment manager that means you can be sure Neudata has no conflicts of interest and provides an objective opinion on its dataset discoveries.

Asset classes

  • Commodity
  • Fixed Income
  • FX
  • Private Equity
  • Public Equity
  • Real Estate

Dataset types

  • Crowdsourced
  • Economic
  • ESG
  • Event
  • Financial products
  • Fund flows
  • Fundamental
  • Internet of Things
  • Location
  • News
  • Primary research
  • Satellite & drone
  • Search
  • Sentiment
  • Social media
  • Transactional
  • Weather
  • Web & app tracking
  • Web scraping

Equity regions

  • Asia-Pacific
  • China
  • Europe
  • Global
  • Japan
  • North America
  • UK

Examples of who we work with

Provider early stage cb3be8f2353b4c2427c65c4ff1a93afd2930cf75f614e8504f8724a109cf6699 1


  • Provides access to millions of medical transcription records in the US, delivering healthcare brand sales data within 3 days of prescription
  • Currently no Investment Management clients
  • Would consider exclusive partnership agreements

Limited Investment Management awareness beyond Neudata

Provider established 13021dc333b0d8a35d6cf20687c8d13cc6741dd326bba558f0c68224cd8697a4 1


  • Tracks mobile location data of 14m monthly active users worldwide
  • Overlays data with comprehensive venue mapping to determine foot traffic volume for retailers
  • Small number (<10) of Investment Management clients

Neudata's clients are kept up-to-date as offering expands

Provider adjacent 58336e40640e74330ee3c4bec2c55470f181a118e64e63eebb4a47c27d0d4b63 1


  • One of the world’s largest logistics companies
  • Monitors transportation of goods between countries by air, sea, truck and rail
  • Only recently begun monetising data to Investment Managers

Neudata’s clients were among the first in the industry to be made aware of launch

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