For Corporations
Data source discovery & diligence for leading global corporations

Finding, organising, analysing and connecting with the most relevant data providers will boost growth and profit for leading global corporations in the coming years.

Challenges Neudata can help you solve

  • Discovery

    How do we find the most relevant firms first while avoiding common pitfalls?

  • Rapidly Evolving Landscape

    How can we review and vet providers efficiently and effectively when new vendors seemingly appear daily?

  • Administrative Burden

    How can we cut down on endless supplier meetings and reduce the internal strain placed on our procurement teams?

  • Cost

    How do we do more with less and make sure we are achieving the greatest possible efficiencies?

What's included in your Neudata Scout subscription?

  • Access to the Neudata Scout platform which lists dataset reports from thousands of vendors, with 40-60 new or updated reports added monthly. It also includes idea-generating Intelligence reports, academic research and industry news reporting.

  • Ability to ask bespoke research questions to our team of data scouts and analysts, who will prepare a deep-dive report on the vendors and datasets you should be considering and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

  • Push notifications on the specific dataset and vendor updates you care most about, which allow you to monitor firms for risks and opportunities.

Case Studies

Neudata Products

  • Neudata Scout - alternative data intelligence for investment managers

    Discover Neudata’s catalogue of alternative dataset reports and easily search, source, manage and compare data, while leveraging real-time idea-generating insights and bespoke advice from our team of expert research analysts.

  • Neudata Sentry for alternative data compliance intelligence

    Neudata Sentry streamlines your alternative data legal, compliance and due diligence processes in one easy-to-use SaaS platform.