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Neudata connects alternative data providers to the world’s leading financial firms, asset managers and hedge funds through the Neudata Provider platform.

In total, our clients represent 60-70% of all industry spending on alternative datasets. That means we have an unrivalled understanding of which alternative data sources our investor clients seek. We know the industries they watch and what informs their investment strategies. 

If you provide or aggregate data — or analyse or interpret data exhaust in any sector or industry — Neudata can connect you to investors at no cost.


No conflicts, no commissions

Unlike other players in the industry, we’re not a data broker. That means there are no conflicts of interest or hidden commissions — we simply charge investors a fee for identifying the best and most relevant data for their needs. Those investors will, on our recommendation, then buy your services directly from you. It’s that simple.

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Gain enhanced market insight and generate further traction on the buy-side

For data providers who are looking for extra insight into the minds of alternative data buyers, we offer premium access to the Neudata Provider platform.

Discover the latest trends in pricing and demand through enhanced buy-side intelligence, news and training modules while receiving exclusive discounts on our virtual and in-person alternative data conferences and 1-2-1 networking modules. 

Premium users can also take control of certain aspects of their Neudata Scout listing by providing key facts about their company and uploading data dictionaries, white papers, sample backtests and marketing materials directly to their investor-facing data provider page.

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Explore optional add-on modules for data providers

  • 1-2-1 networking module

    Connect with buy-side decision makers with a package of networking sessions that introduce you to your future buyers.

  • Training module

    Learn from the Neudata analyst team about how to sell to the buy-side, how to price your dataset and more with an 8-hour training course. This module is suitable for new entrants and experienced sellers.

  • Compliance module

    Enable dataset compliance with local and international regulations through personalised advisory sessions with Neudata’s in-house counsel.