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Neudata Provider connects alternative data vendors to the world’s leading global organisations, including asset managers, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms, and corporations.

After joining Neudata Provider and filling out a quick webform on your offering, your free dataset listing will be seen by our buy-side clients, who represent 60-70% of all industry spending on alternative datasets.

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For those data providers looking for more insight into the minds of alternative data buyers, we offer a premium version of our Neudata Provider platform. In addition to listing your dataset on our platform, Neudata Provider Premium gives the tools you need to sell your data into the investment management world, including:

  • Taking control of your buy-side facing profile & provide key facts about your company, supporting files (like data dictionaries and sample backtests), and videos
  • Accessing our Selling Alternative Data to Investment Managers training module
  • Accessing Neudata Events, including the ability to participate in our 1-2-1 Alt-Dating Programme, which connects you with your future clients
  • Alerting data buyers to your upcoming new product launches
  • Managing your due diligence questionnaire (DDQ)
  • Reading our original news reporting on the alternative data industry, including our popular weekly People Moves section highlighting buy-side and vendor job changes

If you’ve spoken to Neudata previously and we have already have listed your data on our site, signing up for Neudata Provider will not overwrite the information you’ve already shared with us. Rather, it’s a chance for you to customise your profile and access our industry insight on a single platform.

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Working with Neudata – no commissions, no conflicts

Unlike other players in the industry, we’re not a data broker. That means there are no conflicts of interest or hidden commissions — we simply charge investors a fee for identifying the best and most relevant data for their needs. Those investors will, on our recommendation, then buy your services directly from you. It’s that simple.

If you provide or aggregate data — or analyse or interpret data exhaust in any sector or industry — we can connect you to investors.


  • Karl Mattingly, CEO of Dysrupt Labs

    “Since coming to Neudata 12 months ago as our chosen path to market for Almanis — our commercial [not government or academic] forecasting platform — we have met with over 50 data buyers through Neudata and now have buyers with over 10 trillion of assets under management in trial.”

  • Luke Kennedy, CEO of Fable Data

    “As newcomers to data monetisation, we have found the guidance and friendship from Neudata invaluable. On top of that, they deliver exceptionally well executed events with agenda-setting content and stellar attendance. No wonder they generate so many leads for us.”

  • Blake Scott, CEO of Waste Analytics

    “Neudata’s Training Academy provides some excellent information on multiple topics for data vendors. This insightful and professional video training gives a solid base for alternative data provider teams resulting in more detailed discussions on their specific datasets.”