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To make the most out of your Neudata listing, opt for a Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Networking-only Premium plan to best suit your desired sales strategy.

You’ll get full access to our exclusive events, where you can connect with buyers interested in your product offering through our bespoke networking process. Join the 2,000+ buyers and 150+ data providers that are already participating and enhance your sales opportunities.

  • 1-2-1 networking

    We established our own unique way of networking during our events, called AltDating, to match you with the most suitable prospects and help initiate sales conversations.

  • Speak at events

    Book presentation slots and display promotional banners at our in-person events, allowing you to share your products with thousands of data buyers.

  • Customise your buyer-facing profile

    Build a fully customisable data vendor profile and add resources such as sample back tests, data dictionaries and marketing materials to help buyers get to know your product.

What's included in a premium subscription to Neudata Provider?

  • A flexible number of warm sales introductions, rolling over for up to 12 months
  • Your data product listed on our Scout platform
  • Distribute your DDQ (due diligence questionnaire) to Scout users
  • Create Posts – real-time updates about your business that are shared directly with data buyers
  • Upload case studies, white papers and video content to your Provider profile
  • Participate in year-round virtual and in-person events to meet new prospects
  • Access Neudata’s training program – Selling Alternative Data to Investment Managers
  • Read our original news reporting and intelligence articles to stay up to date with the alternative data industry

What is Neudata Provider?

Neudata understands how data buyers operate and can guide data sellers through the data sales process.

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About Neudata

Neudata was founded in 2016 to offer investment managers 100% independent advice and objective insight on the most relevant alternative data sources that matched their strategies and goals.

Our business has since grown and we now work directly with over 1,000 alternative and traditional data vendors to help them understand the investment management marketplace and help them connect with data buyers across all use-cases.

Our Scout clients currently represent 60-70% of industry-wide spending on alternative data and range from public and private equity to corporates and consultancies.

Unlike other players in the industry, we’re not a data broker. That means there are no conflicts of interest or hidden commissions — we simply charge investors a fee for identifying the best and most relevant data for their needs. Those investors will, on our recommendation, then buy your services directly from you. It’s that simple.