Relevant, illuminating alternative data to give you the edge

The need

“Find me relevant, timely, in-depth alternative data that few of my peers know about, and that fits my strategy and meets my budget.”

We hear this from our investment manager clients – and deliver it brilliantly. Neudata does not sell data. Our expertise lies in discovering datasets that are not available on established platforms and that often have a low profile.

The difference

Anyone can dig up and sell on endless data. The clever bit is that the Neudata team and its global research scouts find and rigorously assess the data providers and their alternative data sources to give you the intelligence you need to act. We:

  1. Score each dataset on eight metrics and provide 13 other areas of insight and facts
  2. Identify the best use cases
  3. Help generate investment ideas
  4. Aggregate the most relevant academic, sell-side and independent research
  5. Use our industry knowledge to tell you about new and relevant data sources about to be launched

The value

Neudata isn’t a data broker so there’s no commission or hidden charges for investors.

That transparency means we can just concentrate on giving the best advice on who can meet your needs, for a fee. It’s as simple as that.

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