PwC selects Neudata as its alternative data partner

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PwC’s UK Deal Analytics team has chosen Neudata Scout – the industry-leading alternative data scouting and research platform – to support its efforts to find the best alternative data sources globally.

The PwC Deals practice is increasingly incorporating external data sources on behalf of its private equity, hedge fund and corporate clients, in order to add new insight within the diligence process. Neudata has been selected to provide its independent research on thousands of global data sources and ensure that PwC quickly finds the best data sources for its client projects.

“We've found that integrating external data sources can bring a whole new lens to analysing a potential deal – surfacing new risks and opportunities for our clients as they consider M&A and other transactions,” said Nigel Wilson, partner and leader of the UK Deals Analytics practice at PwC. “However, finding the right data sources can be a real minefield – there has been a proliferation of potential data vendors of highly variable quality.”

“Getting access to the right external data provides unique investment insights and gives our clients a competitive advantage in sourcing and executing deals. But it can be tough to find valuable data within the tight deadlines of a faced-paced deal environment,” said Max Gregson, the director leading PwC’s alternative data proposition. “Having a comprehensive data research platform puts a wealth of alternative data at our fingertips and means we can provide compelling and proprietary insights on any target, and fast!”

This partnership comes at a time when alternative data usage is expanding among non-traditional users of the data, including consulting and advisory, private equity firms, venture capital firms and corporations.

“We are delighted to welcome PwC as a Neudata Scout client and look forward to sharing our insight on over 5,700 alternative datasets with the team,” said Neudata founder and CEO, Rado Lipuš. “Over the last year, we’ve certainly seen an uptick in interest in alternative data from the wider financial and corporate community, and we look forward to advising more firms as they decide to incorporate external data sources into their workflow.”


About PwC’s Deals Analytics team

With over 550 Deal Analytics professionals worldwide, PwC is leading the digital revolution to transform the way deals are done. Analytics is increasingly a major driver of competitive advantage in transactions and value creation for portfolio companies.

PwC uses advanced techniques in data science to help its clients make smarter decisions, uncover more value and create better returns on investment. From predictive analytics to machine learning and beyond, it brings data insights in the moment, and agility that helps its clients change course for what’s next.

About Neudata
Neudata is the industry’s only objective and neutral data scouting FinTech firm and is dedicated to finding alternative data for the world’s leading asset managers, private equity/venture capital firms and corporations.

Neudata's Software as a Service (SaaS) catalogue of 5,700+ dataset reports provides tools for users to easily search, source, manage, and compare data, while leveraging real-time insights from its team of expert analysts based in London, New York and Shanghai.

Its core philosophy is simple — Neudata catalogues and assesses datasets based on over 100 unique factors & delivers metadata reports and advice for a fee. It doesn't buy data, sell data, or require revenue-shares or commissions from the data vendors that it recommends. That means users get unbiased intelligence that's tailored to their specific strategies and goals.