Neudata offers free use of its alt data sourcing platform to academic, healthcare institutions for COVID-19 disease modelling

Neudata Press Release
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Alternative data sourcing firm Neudata announced today that it would provide free access to its data scouting platform for academics, governments and healthcare institutions that are researching the spread and impact of COVID-19 through the end of June.

“Our team is aware of over 100 COVID-19-related datasets on our Scout platform that could help data scientists track the virus, though there are potentially many more that could be relevant to specific use cases,” said Rado Lipuš, Neudata’s co-founder and CEO. “We’re committed to making this platform available to researchers who are on the front lines of understanding how this virus spreads and how we can combat it.”

Neudata’s Scout platform provides in-depth, searchable analysis of datasets offered by third-party vendors across the alternative data spectrum, including global geolocation data, consumer behaviour and sentiment, satellite imaging, medical records and more. In addition to highlighting relevant datasets, Scout reports include information about a vendor’s data collection methodology, history and frequency, as well as Neudata’s view on the robustness of each offering.

Interested parties should contact to request access to the platform and should be prepared to provide proof of employment/affiliation with their designated academic, government or healthcare institution and a short description of their research project.


About Neudata

Founded in 2016 in London, Neudata is a human- and technology-powered data sourcing and research service that is completely independent — this means that it does not sell datasets or ask for revenue shares from data providers.

Instead, its aim is to educate alternative data users and providers about new developments in the market. It also hopes to inspire new adopters across a spectrum of fundamental, quantamental and quant strategies, as well as those in the private equity and corporate space.

The Neudata Scout platform captures over 3,500 datasets across sentiment, social media, weather, web-tracking, transactional, ESG and more. Its team of New York-, London- and Shanghai-based analysts source and evaluate unique and hard-to-find information on a daily basis, enabling investors to make better informed decisions on what data to buy and how to use it.