Neudata launches Posts for direct communication between buyers and sellers

Neudata Press Release
Post feature

Neudata, an alternative data research and SaaS technology platform, has launched a new feature that allows data buyers and sellers to communicate more directly about new vendor product offerings.

The feature, called Neudata Posts, is a centralised feed of data provider news that is supplied by vendors themselves, in real time. Providers are encouraged to share relevant business updates that can help buy-side firms scout data more effectively, including new product launches, updates to existing products, company news like fundraising rounds or new hires, as well as backtest results and commentary on current market themes.

The introduction of Posts to the Neudata platform represents the first time that data providers can share updates directly with data buyers without involvement from the Neudata team. “When news breaks and moves the market, our buy-side clients often turn to Neudata to understand the datasets that can help them make sense of the ripple effects on their portfolios, as well as the buying opportunities that now exist,” said Rado Lipuš, founder and CEO of Neudata. “By adding Posts to the Neudata platform, we’re facilitating a more direct line of communication between vendors and data buyers, which will supplement our research team’s exemplary understanding of the datasets that are best suited to help our clients.”

The Posts news feed is embedded into the Neudata Scout platform for data buyers and Neudata Provider platform for data sellers.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash