Neudata launches alternative data-focused news service

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Neudata has released an update to its Scout platform that includes an alternative data-focused news service.

Neudata News will report on the alternative data strategies of asset managers and data vendors, including new fund launches, product launches, fundraising, dataset usage and pricing. The service also takes a particular focus on the legal, compliance and tax issues that impact buyers and sellers of alternative data.

To lead this effort, Neudata has hired Sondra Campanelli as the news service’s editor. Campanelli is a financial journalist who most recently covered the machine learning and alternative data strategies of institutional investors for a global B2B trade publication. She has reported on US, UK and European financial markets from New York and London.

“We have heard consistently from our buy-side clients that there isn’t enough supply of original reporting on alternative data within finance,” Rado Lipuš, Neudata’s CEO and founder, said. “Through the launch of Neudata News, we hope to bring our clients a new level of understanding around how this industry is evolving.”

Though designed for clients, the news service will include some open-view articles for non-subscribers that explain overarching trends in the alternative data community.

In an effort to help members of the media and industry participants understand how alternative data is being used within finance, Neudata has also launched an Industry Resources page on its website. The page provides data and charts (updated quarterly) that explain how asset managers are using data, including asset class coverage, pricing, frequency of delivery and commercial release dates of datasets.

“At the moment, there are no publicly available statistics on alternative data usage that are both updated frequently and present an accurate view of the landscape,” Lipuš said. “Using data from our Scout platform, we are uniquely positioned to describe alternative data trends within financial markets with more accuracy and granularity.”

About Neudata

Founded in 2016 in London, Neudata works with investment management clients worldwide who manage more than $7tn in assets, helping them find, evaluate and select new data sources — or alternative data — that will advance their investment process. Neudata's service is delivered via its Scout "software as a service" platform and expert consultancy.

The company's New York-, London- and Asia-based analysts source and evaluate unique, granular and often hard-to-find information from over a thousand providers on a daily basis, enabling investors globally to make their best-informed decisions about what data to buy and how to use it.

Neudata works with all types of alternative data, from sentiment to social media, weather to web-tracking, and economic to environmental. Its data provider partners are based in dozens of countries and range from small entrepreneurial start-ups to multinational conglomerates.


Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash