Neudata MetaHub is a unique metadata storage tool that allows clients to manage their entire library of traditional, market and alternative data sources in one, easy-to-access place.

  • Manage your data library online

    Download our Excel template, fill in key information about each dataset and upload the completed file to the platform. Within seconds, MetaHub will create individual reports for each entry that are fully visible to your entire team. Users can annotate datasets, add and share analysis, update key information and track how the datasets have performed over time.

  • Your data is secure

    Your data will remain private and will not be accessible by any member of the Neudata research team or anyone outside the organisation. All customer data is encrypted at rest using AES-GCM with 256-bit encryption keys.

  • Choose what to share

    MetaHub supports two different types of users — admins and standard users. This feature works well for centralised data teams that want to control access to vendor contact details and dataset pricing information.

MetaHub solves three problems related to data storage and management

  • Lists all the datasets your organisation owns or knows about & lets you choose to share a full or partial list with each end user.

    Lets admin users control the visibility of information, including vendor contact details & pricing, and share adjusted dataset info across the organisation.

    Allows Portfolio Managers, Analysts and Data Scientists to search across all dataset categories simultaneously and find the best dataset for their use case.

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About Neudata

Neudata offers 100% independent advice and objective insight on the most relevant alternative data that match your strategies and goals.

We work with over 1,000 alternative and traditional data vendors to find you fresh, relevant and unusual datasets that are often missed by data brokers focused on volumes and commissions.

Our interests are aligned — in exchange for a flat annual rate, you get access to a suite of data sourcing tools and events.