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Alternative Data Pricing Intelligence (Part I)

How much does alternative data cost? The million dollar question. We leverage our unique position in the industry and proprietary data on pricing to shed some light on this topic.

The cost of using alternative data is always a hot topic among both data buyers and data sellers alike.

Data buyers, regardless of their current stage in alternative data adoption, are looking for answers to:

  • How should I budget for alternative data?
  • How much should I expect to pay for a particular type of data?
  • Which datasets are worth paying a premium for?

And data providers, especially those among you who are new to selling to a buy-side audience, want to know:

  • How much should I charge for my data?
  • What are my competitors charging?
  • What kind of pricing model should I use? (e.g. one-size-fits-all or flexible)

The truth is, dataset pricing is more of an art than a science, which makes it challenging to provide clear-cut answers to these questions. That said, by analysing some of the metadata we have compiled on datasets here at Neudata, we have put together some insights on the following frequently asked questions:

  • How much do alternative datasets cost today?
  • How has alternative data pricing evolved over time?
  • Which factors may influence alternative data pricing going forward?

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